5 Tips for Stress-free Vacation

Vacation and travelling are always associated with relaxation, joy, happiness, bonding time with family and kids, and some other states of minds, when a person feels fulfilled. As a turist to be in the next week, being pressurized from all ends not to forget this gadget, that equipment, fulfil the whole to-do list and work until the last day of travelling, it is sometimes too difficult to start a vacation in peaceful way.

In order for vacation to be stress-free some steps inevitably need to be followed.

  1. Plan ahead or do not plan at all. It is either an exciting adventure, where you like to be unsure and surprised by everything that comes along your way or plan your trip and staying accordingly. For planners, time invested in research before travelling will equate a secure and stress-free vacation. Book your hotel, google your sights and points of interests, explore where you want to try local food and gather important information (weather, transportation, etc)
  2. Keep money separate. Do not keep on one person at one place (wallet!). Firstly, divide it amid people travelling with you. secondly, if you travel alone or you are carrying bigger amount of cash, do separate it amongst your luggage – on you, hand luggage, suitcase, etc. Thirdly, do not bring savings, that are intended to be spent on vacation 100% in cash. It is risky and old fashioned. Keep it on your band account and spend money either with your debit card or credit card. It keeps stress level at where it should be on vacation – bottom. However, keep track on spent money!
  3. Familiarize yourself about the place you travel to. Am I travelling to a different culture? Far away to somewhere with different weather type? To a remote and/or undeveloped corner? Or just near, where you have been last year? Does not matter! At least check camp’s or hotel’s webpage, if a significant change, that would  affect tourists, has taken place. But if it is a new destination for you, you might feel safer if you know about currency exchange, money withdrawal/payment options, what to wear in public,  safe areas (in the night-time), tourist spots if you either wanna enjoy or avoid them, potential dangers (animals, criminal, transportation, …)Placeholder Image
  4. Whatever forgotten, forget about it. If you stress out about equipment, clothes that was ment to be packed for vacation and you are keep reminding yourself and being angry at your travel-buddy, because you were not reminded to take it, you failed at having stress-free vacation. Instead, you should find a replacement at what you already own and is available or just buy a new piece of it. Apparently, you will need it also next time!
  5. Do not let unforeseen situations throw you out of balance. If everything mentioned above is done, you are on a good way to chill out, relax your deserved vacation and just relax the moment. Vacations are usually short and before we know, we are on our way home either regretting time when we fought, did not enjoy the moment, or try out something new.

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