New Tricks To Pack a Suitcase

To efficiently pack as much as possible in a small case, some tricks might help you to succeed to do so. These are specially needed when traveling by plane only with hand luggage or a carrier with strict baggage weight policy. Some of them can also be helpful for other practical reasons, as for example, the system against wrinkling of clothes, spilling your amenities etc.

If you prefer to watch a video about it, click here. Or else:

  • Decide which clothes to take and prepare them. Remember, people usually pack too much but there is always a way to either wash or buy a piece of T-shirt or socks, then having hassle with overpacking.
  • Role some clothes, that do not wrinkle that much (jeans, T-shirt, sweater, long-sleeves) and put them on the bottom as a basis.
  • Put the ones, that must not be wrinkled (lets say shirts or skirts), on the top of the rolled ones and to avoid wrinkling them, insert a plastic bag or a simple piece of plastic on the top of them, so they can move in the suitcase.
  • As shoes take quite some space, fill them with socks or some amenities, that need to be protected from bumping.
  • Protect amenities with a zipped plastic bag, if they spill, it is less possibility spillage will damage your clothes. Also, hide breakable amenities such as perfumes between clothes.
  • If traveling for couple of days, consider buying travel size amenities or double check if soap, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel will be provided by the accommodation you booked. It can save lots of space in a small suitcase!
  • Take jewelry out of boxes which will save you space and put them also in quality zipped bags. Most importantly, wear expensive jewelry!
  • Pack small clothing, like underwear, scarfs, gloves or belts at the end and tuck them in the corners where space is still left.
  • For the journey wear shoes, jacket or trousers that would take the most space if they were packed.
  • Weight your luggage before you go, with a travel luggage scale. They are cheap to buy, stow and probably will be used plenty of times, so the purchase pays off.


Using this tricks, next packing should not be a demanding and stressful experience. Enjoy your vacation!

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