Do not take no as an answer!

Best Brands, higher expectations

img_4779The developing travel industry has made disctinction amongst quality assured services and products (4 and 5 stars hotel and resort brands, agency types, even carrier companies), and the ones, that fall into category of 1 – 3 stars. In the latter example you need to take what you get, the owners policy namely, is not (necessarly) to offer high standard of products and services, whereas in the first case, the whole system, including environment, number of products -pools, children activities, sport variety- and service offered are well planned and implemented with highest standards met.

Taking a break in a 4 or 5 star hotel, resort such as Hilton, Radisson Blu, Anantara, Sheraton, Movenpick, Swissotel,… staff are well trained to execute and satisfy their customers with every wish or demand, as long as it is legitimate. Therefore, an employee should never answer in a way, that gives the customer the impression of denial, unwillingness to help, but always find a way how to make him happy. If not with the implementation of the exact need, then finding a wider solution. The mentioned numbered stars do not just explain the quality of the product (room, breakfast variety and availability etc.) but are also a quality assurance of service. In aforementioned hotel chains the staff should be hepful in resolving your staying related issues, to make your stay comfortable, relaxing and stressles. For that you pay the price accordinlgy and as a customer you expect nothing less than all your wishes to be met.

They also offer a partnership programme, to get more for the value of money and if customers’s needs are met, then the return is under no question.

So, consider your budget, balance it with your expectations, and let them “wow” you! And if the customer has ended the vacaion renewed, their success is guaranteed.


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