Experience Will Impress You! The Difference Between Luxurious Hotels And The Rest

The offer of touristic accommodation nowadays is impressive. From zero star hotels, to most luxurious ones, from sharing room’s options (AirBnB) to renting a huge villa, from staying in a container made accommodation to tree or mushroom houses…ideas are enormous!

But what difference does it make? It is a vacation anyway. The answer is, it makes a huge difference whether or not you are impressed by the scenery, atmosphere, room view and calm energy surrounding the area.

How do luxurious hotels or bed & breakfasts impress you?

Attention to details

Every detail is well planned ahead and thought through. The plants are chosen accordingly, the garden is arranged in a peaceful way and rooms are designed (also) in fengshui manner. Every detail that is important to a tourist is put on pedestal and being presented to them in an elegant way.



Thinking outside of the box

The staff from cleaners to the management are wisely chosen and well trained to present the whole hotel image and to maintain it. They will help the customer, find a solution to your needs or at least listen to them and offer alternatives. Moreover, the service recovery, if needed, is done in the most professional way imaginable.

“Customer is always right” approach

This way the customers will feel satisfied with every step they make and it makes customers feel important, relevant and heard. All that a tourist need on the perfect vacation!

Offering services and products for free

There are no hidden charges for products or services, which will make your experience even more unforgettable. Because a happy customer is a returning customer, sometimes you might be offered more than the value of money you payed for. Which introduces the last point…

Surprising treat



“Wow” effect is something that is most memorable by people. Being surprised with small treats, amazing service, friendly smile or with a cake for our children’s birthday is something unexpectable for customers but easily predictable by well organized hotels.

Give it a try with numerous offers of boutique or unique hotels around the world and let the experience impresses you. For a “small” example of the first “wow” impression, see this boutique hotel. It took my breath away!


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