A Friend To Lend

Keeping in mind premium vacation around the globe, a market niche, offering 100% personalized vacation with all service included, has emerged. Usually, it is offered by respectful and reliable individuals with a knowledge of high standard service delivery.



Let it be one-on-one tourist guidance for those who want to know more or one-to-one experience for elderly because they would need some kind assistance, but are still fit to travel. The idea is similar to what a 5 star hotel can offer with the whole staff, from receptionist, who gives the first impression, room service who takes 24/7 food and beveradge orders to concierge, who will give you addresses of the best vinery and local restaurat in the city. A Friend To Lend concept as I call it, goes even further. They will take you wherever your wishes, will also keep you company if you would like to be entertained or tell you local stories about places, people, etc. They will not just give you a personalized and on demand service but also embrace you with their feelings and emotions (only if you are willing to)!

Another service they offer is a themed vacation, where A Friend To Lend, can offer assistance as well. Supposably, you are looking for Medical Services in Bangkok, or a personalized shopper in Dubai, you name it, they know it!

If you need to be connected with A Friend To Lend, contact me and will give you some ideas where to look for some, with good references and experience.


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