Please behave, while using 5 star services!

It is awesome to be able to afford 5 star hotel service and being treated as if we were the only guests in a hotel resort, but to as to courtesy to others, we should also behave like civilised human beings while enjoying the all inclusive offer.

Keep the noise down. Be mindful of other guests – families travelling with children, business men or jet lagged tourists, sleeping throughout the day.


Never take reusable items when you leave. These include bathrobes, towels, dishes, glasses, mugs, coffee pots, and other objects which are there for use only during your hotel stay. If you like something and want one to take home, contact the front desk and ask if they have one that you can purchase.

Stick to the  breakfast, lunch and dinner timings. The policy of a 5 star hotel is somehow in the sense of “never say no to a customer”, but that does not mean tourists should take advantage of this policy.

Settle your bill before leaving the hotel.

Appreciate. Staff might be paid accordingly to the standards they are offering, however they are humans and a personal touch like a smile, appreciation or tip is what makes everyone happy. 

Treat all the furniture and fixtures in the room with care. These are not your personal belongings; leave them as you found them.


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