Surprising effect – a note to all touristic service providers

Wouldn’t you love it if:

You dropped your car for fixing and after it is being repaired, the car repair services would additionally clean snow from it because it was snowing the night before your pick up date?

You dropped some items for laundry in a hotel and a button, that was loose, would be additionally sewed?

You went for a dinner, chose by mistake a dessert with an ingredient you dislike, wanted to change the dessert and it would be brought to you for free?


You have ordered a drink during a Happy Hour, when it turned out, that your drink was not on the “buy 1 get 1 free list”, and in spite of the confusion the waiter would still bring you an additional drink?

These are just some examples of service providers with excellent staff training on dealing with customers. It does not need to be pointed out, that all this additional services they provide, are complimentary and they have an enormous long term effect on customer satisfaction. If you are a touristic service provider, offering 4 or 5 star service, ask yourself, why would a tourist return to me or recommend me to friends? The reason is: my employees!


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