Excellency has a name: service!

I have been in numerous hotels around the globe and not only were they different as day and night are, but I have also found a specific matching point that I want to acknowledge here.

The worth mentioning hotels offer distinctive and excellent service, that has always impressed me. From helping their hotel guests on personal matters to making a fun day for your child…Feeling special is not how I would describe my experiences, but “wow, these staff are amazing!” is how I would put it.


What really can impress regular, business type customers, is the heplful, unobtrusive way the hotel staff recognizes them. The word “recognize” has been used on purpose.  Resognition is what counts in the first place! Regular customers want to be recognized. If thaff do this part right, every next contact will be easier and more pleasant for the hotel guest and this is how, undoubtly, you will winn the guest back every time, he will be traveling.

One easy gesture how to make a guest feeling recognized is to send them a birthday card to the address, that he has submitted to the hotel. Or even better, if at the time being he is your guest, prepare a small surprise in their room, letting them know, you have a system in place that supports attention to details.

Try it out and you will not be dissapointed.


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